Have you ever wondered what makes some auto repair shops successful while others struggle just to survive?

In today's challenging economic climate, auto shop owners are faced with a variety of situations every day that can either bring them great success or sadly, lead down the path to failure. Many good, honest mechanics have failed and suffered catastrophic financial loss because they didn't understand one of the most important components of their business; Marketing.

With so much invested in your auto shop, can you afford to go it alone?

Auto Marketing Systems Canada has the practical knowledge and experience to make your auto shop a success. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Auto Marketing System President Rick McMullin took a struggling auto repair facility and turned it into a high volume, profitable shop, servicing over 400 cars each month! Rick's once obscure and struggling shop has become the most recognizable auto shop in his area simply by gaining an understanding of marketing.

Whether you currently own an auto repair shop that's struggling to survive, a successful shop that could be doing more volume or you haven't even opened your doors yet, Auto Marketing Systems Canada can help.

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Who said that in life there were no guarantees?

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